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The ECRIN Marketplace is the free online tool to help you find Covid-19 trials that are already planned or in place. Our online tool is easy to use and free of charge. Search, read, and send a message of interest to collaborate! 

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The ECRIN Marketplace helps you to find researchers engaged in similar trial questions to collaborate with. Submit your request here and start collaborating for the benefit of Covid-19 research, to avoid duplication of trials and to promote cooperation across borders.

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Covid 19 Marketplace

New clinical trials are registered each week in response to the numerous challenges presented by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. These trials are complex to design, to plan, to execute, and are costly, ECRIN offers a free marketplace where researchers can search for trials that are planned or already in place, and can post new clinical trial questions.

Effective and efficient clinical research must curb redundant efforts in different countries, reduce trial costs and boost patient recruitment by promoting the cooperation of clinical scientists across Europe, thus contributing dramatically to clinical trial significance and public health impact.

The ECRIN Marketplace has been created to facilitate and promote collaboration by providing access to planned and ongoing clinical trials. The protocol synopses in the Marketplace provide the basic information using the ‘PICO’ trial characteristics (population, intervention, comparator, outcome). Additional information may be provided in the rationale or in an attached document as available.

To ensure that the authors and their work are protected, all protocol synopses are publicized anonymously. Visitors can request to collaborate on a protocol synopsis by sending a Message of Interest via the Marketplace. By doing so, visitors agree to share their contact details with the author of the protocol synopsis, who has the liberty to follow up on the request or not.

The ECRIN team is available to answer your questions on the Marketplace, but also on ECRIN’s services including support in planning and conducting multinational clinical trials. Please leave us a message via the contact form.

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